Best Music Score

Exceptional Achievement Hush Little BabyDirected by: Michael Bliss SolitudeDirected by: fabio grossi Winner CHANGESDirected by: Derrick Florence Finalist Evolution of Earth, Wind and FireDirected by: Grayson Villanueva, Bakari Holmes

Best Mobile Film

Exceptional Achievement Catchall KennyDirected by: Patrick Caporuscio Online LoveDirected by: Blue dragoon MF Winner CulturedDirected by: Karen Klami

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement CHANGESDirected by: Derrick Florence INVaaDERSDirected by: Didier MULLERAS Night terrorDirected by: David Duke Winner Tom and his Zombie WifeDirected by: Kevin Short Finalist A Burst of SongDirected by: Lia Beltrami Cabaret CubaDirected by: Madeleine Duba Doctor with the Red HousewareDirected by: Thomas M Watt For Heaven’s SakeDirected by: Danni Catanese I am a […]

Best Indie Film

Exceptional Achievement KhoraDirected by: Nalan Abbasoğlu Winner 15 RosesDirected by: Joe Schufreider Finalist grydscaen: scout eve (Episode 3)Directed by: Natsuya Uesugi DuBois The Beast Of LoveDirected by: Terry Mills The Broken TableDirected by: Richard Par

Best Experimental Film

Exceptional Achievement KIDDirected by: Sonalii Castillo NEW MOONDirected by: José Julián Vacas Winner NoiseDirected by: José Ramón da Cruz Finalist CHANGESDirected by: Derrick Florence SolitudeDirected by: fabio grossi

Best Environmental Film

Exceptional Achievement Fish EyeDirected by: Colin Parker THE PEACERUNNER – Keep Clean and Run for PeaceDirected by: Diego Zicchetti Winner I am a guardianDirected by: Bianca Butti, Claire Paparazzo

Best Editor

Exceptional Achievement Cabaret CubaDirected by: Madeleine Duba Winner BrooklynDirected by: Aliss Valerie Terrell

Best Drama

Winner DISPLACEDDirected by: Ankit Pushkarna