Best Music Video

Exceptional Achievement SATVRN X Sunny Cowell- You Belong Here (Official Music Video)Directed by: Brian Levin SOTABOS – OneDirected by: Andrew Spinks The SorcererDirected by: Gobi Entertainment Winner Love is loveDirected by: Mike Trash

Best Music Score

Exceptional Achievement JonataDirected by: Ricardo Soto Winner Miranda’s MarionettesDirected by: Hortense Lingjaerde Finalist Lazarus 2020Directed by: Michael Bliss MonomythDirected by: Thomas Scott Holland

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement GTFODirected by: C. E. Hoffman Horse HeroesDirected by: John Badalamenti Pat TV: The First 15 YearsDirected by: Jordan Brady Winner A Possible History of GhostsDirected by: Wickham Clayton Finalist A human shoeDirected by: Ali adel omran RivalsDirected by: Teddy Moreno The Haunted HouseDirected by: Teddy Moreno

Best Indie Film

Exceptional Achievement A human shoeDirected by: Ali adel omran DawnDirected by: Misty Hayes NippedDirected by: Galit Ariel The RoninsDirected by: Toshi Asaka Winner Creature of the CemeteryDirected by: Benedikt Keller-Zeller

Best Film Poster

Exceptional Achievement Blood is not waterDirected by: Divina Gloria, Cecilia Menis Winner Lazarus 2020Directed by: Michael Bliss

Best Feature Film

Exceptional Achievement DandiliciousDirected by: Andrew Games Soul RedemptionDirected by: Richard J Burns Winner When it rains…Directed by: Migdia Skarsgård Chinea