Best Quarantine Stories

Exceptional Achievement ImoceanationDirected by: Kimber Leigh The Misfits Show. or Jazz for BreakfastDirected by: Cathie Boruch Winner Hear My Protest DanceDirected by: Jaye Allison, Charles Tyson Jr.

Best Producer

Exceptional Achievement Finding the End of the WorldProducer: Elsa Reyes, Rubén Bross, Mauricio Dart Winner Vulnerable InnocenceProducer: Charlene Elizabeth Doak-Gebauer

Best Narrative

Winner JADA’S BE THE RHYTHMDirected by: Jaye Allison

Best Music Video

Exceptional Achievement Palm ReaderDirected by: Corina Katt Ayala, Joaquin M Rosa Winner Break EvenDirected by: Matt Mahurin Finalist Born To Be A QueenDirected by: Iris Almaraz

Best Music Score

Exceptional Achievement On / OffDirected by: Nicolas P. Villarreal Winner Born To Be A QueenDirected by: Iris Almaraz

Best Mobile Film

Exceptional Achievement ChipsDirected by: Terry Mills, Paul Renshaw Winner ImoceanationDirected by: Kimber Leigh

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement Downing The AnchorsDirected by: Nathanial D. House Esame di lealtà (Examination of Loyalty)Directed by: Salvatore Greco PREGHIERA (Fiati Muti)Directed by: Giorgio Deambrogio TylonoxicateroidDirected by: J. Samuel Ryan Winner Attack of the Mayonnaise Sandwich MonsterDirected by: MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO Finalist 2004 An UN-SILENT FilmDirected by: Jaye Allison April: A Real Life StoryDirected by: Joerg Duske, […]

Best LGBTQ Film

Winner The Trans World of Noel Lives and the Unlikely Heroes Act OneDirected by: Terry Mills