Best Psychological Film

Exceptional Achievement Finding SarahDirected by: Andrew R. Gerde, Ian Neville Winner parental alienationDirected by: Claudia Nappi

Best Producer

Winner Grandpa’s Crazy?Directed by: K. Danor Gerald

Best Podcast Stories

Exceptional Achievement House of FantodsDirected by: Adrienne Veronese Marty’s Minute MENitationsDirected by: Andrew Tardif Puss in Boots Podcast: The InterviewDirected by: Julia Warren Sword of SymphoniesDirected by: Cat McDonald Winner Best Friends Forever The Radio PlayDirected by: Diana Lee Woody Finalist Facing Fate: Black KnightDirected by: Russ More

Best Music Video

Exceptional Achievement InsidiousDirected by: Ed Mahalick Winner Show Me You Love MeDirected by: Keenan Kelly Finalist Deep ReddDirected by: Lionel Monsanto

Best Music Score

Exceptional Achievement ResonanceDirected by: Rebecca Doherty Winner The Red River Flood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Directed by: David Kuznicki

Best Mobile Film

Exceptional Achievement LightsDirected by: Prakash Gandhi Natarajan TestimonyDirected by: Moises Garcia Winner Mobile psychotherapyDirected by: Katarzyna Adamus Finalist The Griffins ImpartedDirected by: bonnie perez

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement AddictionDirected by: Darrius Mylze Johnson FearlessDirected by: Giampiero Torello PerfectDirected by: Abigail Martin Winner Last of the LakersDirected by: Terry Ayrault Finalist Ada OfficeDirected by: Carlos V. Diupotex Enolas TapeDirected by: Nyah Randon GhostlightDirected by: Melissa Stanton Max JusticeDirected by: James Dowd The Little VagabondDirected by: Kevin Mounce The PuddleDirected by: Serdar Yilmaz […]

Best LGBTQ Film

Exceptional Achievement Family AffairDirected by: Robert Hensley Winner Touch the BeastDirected by: Dora Frankel – Concept and choreography, Andy Wood Filmmaker and camera 1, Kevin Wong – 2nd camera

Best Indie Film

Exceptional Achievement JesterDirected by: Max Albrecht The BeggarDirected by: Jose Vasilio Torres Winner SouvenirsDirected by: Yuya Ishihata Finalist Grandpa’s Crazy?Directed by: K. Danor Gerald