Best Music Video

Exceptional Achievement HybridDirected by: Vincenzo Castellana The White RoomDirected by: Paraskevas Mourikis Winner ImmortalDirected by: AnayaMusic

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement BlackoutDirected by: Eddie Saint-Jean Mad As HellDirected by: Robert Parham The Pandemic DancesDirected by: Richard Daniels Winner UPDATEDirected by: Richard Dijkema Finalist Justice for GodDirected by: Vishnuvandana Kadirimangalam The MaestroDirected by: Paul Spurrier

Best Indie Film

Exceptional Achievement Puss in Boots a la ModeDirected by: Julia Warren Winner Girl NextDirected by: Larry Carrell

Best Horror Film

Exceptional Achievement Reverse the PunishmentDirected by: Christopher J. Moriarity VineDirected by: Dakota Wortman Winner Touch of the DevilDirected by: Virginia Mariposa Dale

Best Historical Film

Exceptional Achievement The History Of Bandera PT.IIDirected by: Dakota Wortman Winner Black Wall Street BurningDirected by: Dekoven Riggins, Marcus E. Brown

Best Feature Script or Screenplay

Exceptional Achievement BURIALWritten by: Brooke deRosa BurnWritten by: Armand Arekian Winner Tucked In The CutWritten by: Freddy L Robinson