Best Unproduced Script

Exceptional Achievement Ladders To Fire Written by: Bruce Edward Smith THE CHOICE Written by: Nathan E. Waire Winner Bad Seeds 1-hour Series Pilot Written by: Sean Nash Finalist Devil’s Delight Written by: Bruce Edward Smith

Best Low Budget Film

Winner Stella & Max An Urban Luv Directed by: Story Katharine Cox, Brandon Lee Johnson

Best Experimental Film

Exceptional Achievement Macrophoto Directed by: Michael Jay Tucker Nightmare Directed by: Terry Mills Winner Blessed/Béni/בָּרוּך/ได้รับพร Directed by: Rabbi Zeekee Finalist The Tragedy of the Spaceship Urban Crow Directed by: HIROAKI HIRAKATA

Best Drama

Winner I won’t go anywhere Directed by: Bidzina Gogiberidze

Best Director

Winner UrbanCrow_AI_music_videoDirected by: HIROAKI HIRAKATA