Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival


Complex is a short art film. The idea first formed many years ago as a series of six paintings to portray a journey through life as an abuse survivor. Over the years the project had always been on my mind as a way of raising awareness for C-PTSD through art. I have been working as an actress for seven years, I realised I could turn the concept into a film. I developed the idea until Complex was born.

A haunting and vulnerable artistic interpretation of abuse, addiction, love, loneliness and betrayal. Through this project I hope to connect with survivors using the medium of film. To share the healing that art and connection can provide for those suffering from mental ill health or trauma.

I also run an art project alongside the film for trauma survivors to share art and poetry, there is art from all over the world and this has touched many people already.

Writer: Rachel Marianne Page-Molloy

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