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DragonSphere is the story of a baby dragon, presumed dead, in the escape of his family from the deadly eruption of the island of Krakatoa in 1883, but found by Royal Society explorer Professor George Ellesmere, unaware of what he’s discovered.

Hibernating for over 130 years, the dragon is hatched by single mother Beth and her twins Matt & Kat.

Beth must now balance home life with completing an Honours Degree at the University of Melbourne on Ellesmere, who mysteriously disappeared chasing his grand theory of ‘the true and hidden existence of dragons’.

‘George’ the dragon’s existence must be kept a secret from her university Professor Taylor Harleston, burdened with an honour roll of ancestors, all former Presidents of the Royal Society.

To compensate his lack of professional accomplishments , Harleston runs a Genetics Laboratory on the side, secretly funded by a dark military unit developing advanced stealth weaponry.

With old flame Spencer and close neighbour Victor along with Beth’s great grandmother – aviatrix Peggy, they all strive to raise George, even training him to fly, with Peggy’s Seaplane.

When Harleston uncovers their secret, kidnaps and experiments on George, Beth and her family must rescue him at all costs.

While escaping capture, George and Peggy’s Seaplane engage in an aerial dogfight with a Raptor Drone, over the city of Melbourne, Beth is forced to hang onto George for dear life.

They realise, however, that the safest place for George is not with them anymore – human civilisation is a mortal danger to dragons.

A way must be found to return George to his true dragon family, wherever they happen to be.

Writer: Stephen Wm. Irving

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