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Hollow Earth Quest

In 1985 Dan interviews Ritter Von X, German scientist living at secret Arctic Nazi military base disguised as weather station. X tells Dan about Hollow Earth, and alien being, Thal. Coded Biblical stories conceal the truth of Jesus’ magnetic powers common to citizens of Earth’s interior. Assisted in his resurrection by UFO commander, Thal, Jesus lives inside the Earth to this day.
Back home, Dan transcribes his X interviews, telling neighbor, Wanda, everything: his early spiritual experiences and out of body travels. As a child, young man, Dan marries high school sweetheart, enlists in the Air Force and off to Vietnam, Dan’s behavior becomes cause for concern. After a brief stint in a psychiatric ward, Dan is released with the aid of his brother’s political connections.
A discharge sends him home only to an abrupt divorce. Dan goes to Sweden, but soured on unconventional political theories. He returns for a humbler kind of life to his hometown and marries Katrina. Visions only get more disruptive, leading to a suicide attempt, and an epiphany glimpse into his future encounters with X, where he learns of German voyages through the Antarctic opening into the Hollow Earth, revealing a true paradise. Inner Earth Arianni, are tall, peaceful beings, relying on cybernetic robots to do for chores. X gives him a mysterious crystal as proof of a Hollow Earth. A Challenge now before him, once humans prove themselves worthy, the Arianni will reveal themselves and grant access to paradise. Dan reveals the story to Wanda, including revelations about the rainbow’s significance to all races on Earth. He tells Wanda, humanity lives on the outside of nature. The task is to find our way back. Wanda says his search is just a vivid metaphor. Dan doesn’t see it that way. His third eye has revealed a different layer of meaning, involving past present future and apocalyptic war. Conflict and erratic behavior, a constant theme marriage, alarms Katrina, who was in his corner up until now. With children, fights, battery (upon Dan!) police, they stay together and soldier on. Spiritual evolution continues for both, including a mystical reconciliation with Christianity, divorce inevitable.
Dan relates his story to Wanda as he prepares for an “orientation lecture” to be delivered in Iceland. Dan’s research includes accounts Admiral Byrd and others, leading him to believe the gateway is there, as it happens, the same entrance suggested by Jules Verne’s “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”: Snaefellsjokull Glacier.
Dan takes his children to Iceland at a defining moment in history a visit that coincides and encounters with the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Reykjavik. Dan infuses his daughter with the wonder of the Hollow Earth quest. A new generation, as they take in the sights and learn of a hidden room in the Smithsonian, where key information is filed about early interest of a Hollow Earth, by a 19th-Century statesman to tell Congress; even suggesting voyages of discovery. The story lives on through Dan, who sets his sights on a new Hollow Earth Quest as he plans a reenactment of Byrd’s journey to the North Pole.

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