Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival

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Jerry Coel

Director: Daniel Vossen
Password: snake187

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Jerry Coel did quit his job as a detectiv after he uncovered a witch cult murder case. Plagued by nightmares of this horrofying experiences he decides to be the syndicate’s debt collector.
Although he works for the syndicate he has still the heart of the detectiv and plans an assassination of Dusty Turner, the Boss of the Syndicate who is about to kill a family of an unlucky guy. But the assassination fails and he is on the run. By collecting the last debt to escape, he gets the information from a junky of a hidden treasure at an abandoned military base.
Hunted by Dusty’s Brother “Karl”, Jerry uncovers a secret place what is occupied by some strange and murderes figures. Jerry and Karl have to work together to survive this evil place.

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