Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival



Bulldogs. My pets were chicks and a cat back when Sylvester with Tweety.

Just an average student. Disciplined by O’Mara for being a class clown, getting in fights. My mom put me in Catechism becoming an Altar Boy.

I remember. Williamson and his class library. Turner teaching math, creating ad brochures. Peterschick and English when it was a struggle. Jenkins and science.

Running for class Secretary, my first taste of politics, ha.

Friends. Eric and skateboarding, baseball cards, ER lake. Luke and Shawn playing PC games. Carsten and Noel playing marbles. Mike and Zando watching MTV before school. Hugo and bike tricks. Kelly and watching movies.

Tidbit. Mix it up. If you aren’t white, hang out, it helps your popularity.

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