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Josh’s Global Sports Show Podcast- Episode 2: “All-In: Texas Hold ‘Em”

Josh's Global Sports Show Podcast- Episode 2: "All-In: Texas Hold 'Em"

In this edition of Josh’s Global Sports Show Podcast, Josh takes a dive into the game known a s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, which is the most popular poker game in the world. He talks about the growth of the game since inception to 2003 and to where we are now featuring guests Emi, Jenna and Will Schroeder, Jennifer and Nick Masse, Nicole Giessinger, David Lofton, and Aaron Barone.

Featuring Music of Dean Martin, Lady Gaga, O.A.R., Electric Light Orchestra, The O’Jay’s, and Kenny Rogers. Additional Media provided by Pond5. Clips furnished from 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Company, and Fuzzy Door Entertainment.

This is not for profit. All Rights Reserved 2022 by Memory Artists Studios.

Writer: Josh Eisenberg

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