On the eve of their 4th year anniversary, a young couple are preparing romantic meals for each other. But something feels stale and it’s not the food on their plates…

The Soulmate Bible

When a soulmate tattoo comes with a warning, a woman and her best friend set out to protect a current lover from a past lover, and his family.

The Alone in the Wild Project

Mark and Xander are two documentarians from the city who, after a failed film project, decide to take on a new approach and document themselves living off the grid, outdoors, deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. During the filming of their project, they discover a dark secret that may change the course of […]

Of Gods And Monsters

A desperate and unstable father tries to balance the wrongs done to his family in a hit and run by taking an extreme view on power and the nature of evil.

Amongst Us

This is the story of a brilliant and unique individual who s obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge to transcend his profound sense of inadequacy in the world he feels is an outcast and like a permanent visitor. Therefore, alienated and only connected through his magnificent and successful career as a scientist saving lives. He […]