Jemima Smallbones

We meet middle aged Jemima Smallbones at home. She’s a chatty lady who is ‘always busy’…While she waits for her friend Lillian to turn up we find out more about the life of Jemima Smallbones.

Retrograde: For The Art

A young actress trying to pursuit fame calls on a B list actor to help her as he turns on her and her friends to sacrifice them to have more fame.

The Long Walk

Inspired by a true story…In the 1980s, a teenager experiences a trauma and suffers a breakdown. Later in life, as an adult he suffers another psychotic episode and is lost on London’s streets. Help comes from unexpected kindness…

That’s What She Said

what did she say? Trip in Red Rocks Nevada and fall down the rabbit hole with Kahra’s style of tribal meets alien vibe with Grammy Award winning Bagga beats in a quick 2 minute blend of pop meets trap EDM. Directed by Vito Palmisano who boldly filmed & flew his fast intricately controlled drone. Kahra’s […]

Tiger’s home with his family and Sam & Dave the Rabbits.

Irene is trapped inside her own mind, barren and empty as an abandoned house. Among broken mirrors and figures dressed in black, a song awakens something that seemed lost by now. The setting of this animated story is Taichung, Taiwan circa 1975 .( Towards the end of the Vietnam War) Tiger the German Shepherd was […]


A sequel to Fear where the protagonist, despite his threats to his hostage, has his evil life ended.

WHY? You can be the next one!

The film “WHY? You can be the next one!” is about the terrible experiences of the student Jan Herzog during his graduation year. He is experiencing a martyrdom of bullying, dissing, coercion, ignorance, extreme violence and sexual dominated power games. These perfidious events have made him go beyond despair and let him fall into an […]

No Mas

Couple struggles with infidelity and the possibility of divorce.