The Quirk Chronicles (2019)

This comedic narrative follows the provocative chronicles of an outlandish woman, who contends with unexpected circumstances with quirk and spice.


The sound is produced by the vibration of the object, and all the environment has its own unique sound, through the listening, collecting unique environmental sound, to strengthen the visual experience, visual art creators and sound art creators mutual agitation, the use of different Computer program applications, and sound together to create a unique space […]

Where Is America The Beautiful?

Part documentary and part cinematic art, this beautiful film searches for America through real story, music and spoken word.

The Water Wall

During the biggest illegal immigration ever registered by US Border Patrol in the Florida strait, Andy de la Torre, a 45-year-old Cuban tries for the 43rd time to reach the American dream in a rustic vessel. In the middle he will suffer deportation, incarceration, and will witness death. Will he make it?

A Trip

In a world where being your authentic self can come at a price, the same price as serving your country, PVT Seth Malone wants to serve his country and show up as himself fully. A chance ride with the cocky and close-minded SPC Ryan Keith, Seth realizes he is no longer willing to shrink down […]

We Need Rent Money

A comedy about 3 party animals who has 7 days to come up with the rent.

The Midnight World

A Hitman finds himself questioning everything after an encounter with a mystical force.

Truck Stop Waltz

A waitress at an overnight diner has her shift disrupted with news that murder has been committed on the outskirts of town.

The Getgoes

An animated rock and rock musical about the rise and fall of a fictional band called The Getgoes.Meet The Getgoes: Jay Peters, Johnny Rhythm, Rick Backer and Bon Jonham. They set out to be more than just your average band – they were going to change the world. But egos, sex, drugs, a predatory label […]