LA Medical

Dr Porter loves her patients and finds such meaning in her work. As she loses a long, arduous battle in her own life: it’s her patients and their battles that help her navigate her personal life.

The Righteous

Deeply religious detective interviews a man who he thinks is a serial killer and is compelled to act.

They’re All Dead

They’re All Dead is a music video featuring Hardcore band Horrible Earth from Boston, Massachusetts, USA with video stylization by Terry Mills from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This was a joint USA/Canadian production.


A brief video meditation on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and Automation…and on the perhaps equally threatening nature of the elites who are trying to restrain them.

Exceptional Beings

Two Supernatural Beings begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter a human being, an ordinary woman with an uncanny essence, who doesn’t conform to their thousands of years of knowledge about humanity. They journey through her existence, as it relates to their desperate need to understand answers to questions, they never believed existed.

Creatures of Necessity

13 days without receiving a ransom and their identities unveiled, everyone involved with the kidnapping of Isabella Contini, hit their breaking point and release their demons. The chaotic issues in the lives of the kidnappers, overshadow their crime, while their victim, weighed by her wavering mind, has to figure out how to escape, armed only […]

Rain Down On Me

The Data Storm that is like a rainstorm down on me, data that is overwhelming to humankind, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is found as the solution that can handle all the confusion, trouble, and pain.No more head exploding, no more confusion, no more trouble, no more pain. All this of course is top secret and […]

Bella Y Cedro

A woman helps her husband, a mid-level mob associate, figure out a life or death situation on the same night he breaks his sobriety.


Akuriamate means An interdimensional, interstellar portal Between heaven and earth. Many eons ago, the extraterrestrials who first came to earth left a spectacular legacy of health technologies, rejuvenation technologies, replicators and others that make life for humans in the 5th dimension very good.Some of these benevolent beings were in ecstasy (as if they were hibernated) […]