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Tears of Glass TV Pilot

The book hit Amazon’s Top 30 Mystery/ Thrillers in 2017 . It won a literary award in the same year.

A failed Quarterback, Morgan, seeks solace in classic rock music and redemption through the music of a failed songwriter. He’s a Renaissance man at heart – A thinking woman’s Jack Reacher.
When given a demo tape, his friends start to meet with bizarre, fatal ‘Accidents.’ This hard-drinking, chain-smoking, womaniser flees to the desert, picking up the inevitable girl en route and stumbling across the greatest Homeland Conspiracy since the cold war ended.

The CIA think there’s a message in the music. The message is always in the music.

Defending themselves from the security services and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, they have no idea why Morgan is a target and the contrast between those who rule our lives and those who live by the rules, is exposed.
When the girl turns out to be the one who’s been pulling the strings, Morgan’s ego finds the role reversal hard to handle.
He gets over it – with her help – and the couple realise Offense is their only option.
He must expose and destroy the head of a rogue cell of the CIA in order to avoid a worldwide Nuclear Armageddon. In striving to save their own world, they may be saving it for all of us.

The clock is ticking, not just for Morgan, but for all humanity.

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