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The Hitchhiker

Director: Karen Braysher

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Verse 1
Hitching on the road now, hoping for a ride
Traveling with my guitar, suitcase by my side
I’m coming over to your place tonight
Sunlight beaming brighter, and I know it’s going to be alright.
Cause I’m on my way to you,
Got to see you I’m travelling through,
It blows my mind thinking what we’ll do
oh, I’m on my way to you.
Verse 2
Stopping on the way, at a carriageway cafe,
where I made a call and booked my gig to play,
at the open mic down the road from you
Chances are we’ll meet up with the other spirits too
Repeat Chorus
Instrumental 8 Bars
Destination friendship, on the open road
No time, no place, no rules, cause freedom gives and grows
Repeat Chorus

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