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In a matriarchal society the men have been outcast. In the city of Coventry, the new HQ of a worldwide order, the council has learned of a new assault by the male rebellion which sets a debate on what to do about this growing threat. Kay and Jade, sisters, sit at the head of the council to which Jade wants to take military action and Kay thinks there is a peaceful solution to be found.

Kay goes on a trip to their Selection center where men are used for breeding and to meet with Jade’s spy to find out what the men plan to do next. There she unknowingly meets the head of the male council, Alenvander. Though sparks fly immediately Kay keeps him at bay. After learning that an attack on Coventry is planned to be carried out in 3 days, Kay leaves the Selection to return to Coventry, only to have her convoy attacked.

Kay is captured by a group of men who intend to ransom her back to Jade, after killing all her guards and no guarantee she won’t come to the same fate. Alenvander and his best friend Rand come upon the group and plan to intervene when Kay and a surviving member of her guard take out the men holding her.

Sending Rand back to their home base and town, Terra, Alenvander offers his services as a guide to get to Terra and contact Coventry. As they journey through the woods, Kay and Alenvander, who she knows now as Xavier, grow closer and she must confront the truth, that not all men want war and not all women want to be under Coventry’s rule.

Making it back to Terra, Kay meets members of the male council to discover they have come to an agreement with Coventry, as long as they return Kay safely they will agree to a cease-fire and hear their delegation on a peace agreement. However, when Jade and her assault team come to retrieve her the first signs of a secret male rebellion comes to light when they try to assassinate Jade. This immediately puts the peace talks in a precarious position.

Returning to Coventry and meeting the male delegation, Alenvander’s deception comes to light, which puts him at odds with Kay. They are forced, by Jade, to work together while the male’s proposal is considered and voted on. By the end of the night, Alenvander and Kay have worked through some things, but the assault on Coventry has already begun led by Rand and with the help of one of the council women in an attempt to overthrow Jade.

Once the rebellion is crushed the council reconvenes and sentences the women, and is set to put Rand to death when Alenvander intervenes. Taking Kay to the side to try and convince her that their love and help spearhead a new world, Kay considers the price of that love.

In the end, Kay decides not only to change her position to Jade’s but also convinces the council to demolish Terra, sparing only the children.

Kay also agrees to put Alenvander to death, because there can be no future while hanging on to the path, and her love for Alenvander was too high a price to pay for progress.

Writer: Ericka Salary

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