Best Women’s Film

Winner You Are Not Alone – Web SeriesDirected by: Lyndal Redman Finalist Daayen. The hunted.Directed by: Neha Srivastava Three Corners of DeceptionDirected by: Dr. Meleeka Clary

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Exceptional Achievement The Peculiar PairDirected by: Alex Wilson-Jones The Sword in the SprawlDirected by: Matthew R Scarpa Winner JR “Knows” It AllDirected by: Lynette Aleman Finalist BlockedDirected by: Anntreece Jones Ludi TunesDirected by: Ludmilla Muse

Best Unproduced Script

Exceptional Achievement DeltaWritten by: Daniel Corey The DeputyWritten by: Paul Corricelli Winner Dead Head HunterWritten by: Jon Tamburini Finalist AmbroseWritten by: Elyssa Catalfano The SplitWritten by: nicola green

Best Short Script or Screenplay

Exceptional Achievement Dying To LearnWritten by: Leroy J Barrett III Low Hanging FruitWritten by: Tyris Terrell McKnight The Forest LineWritten by: Two WomenWritten by: Ken White Winner The ArtistWritten by: Elyssa A Catalfano Finalist How to Lie to Yourself in Three Maybe Four Easy LessonsWritten by: Stoney Forde Huggy Muggy DoWritten by: Michele Beresford JR […]

Best Short Film

Exceptional Achievement LOT______Directed by: Jonathan kinch Say No For A KissDirected by: Mazahir Rahim Winner Huggy Muggy DoDirected by: Josh Roger Finalist Evil Fucking PricksDirected by: Simon C Hussey Kiss the SkyDirected by: Michael Lee Buie The SINS…Directed by: Lovie Johnson

Best Short Documentary

Exceptional Achievement The Spirit of PioneersDirected by: César Rozas Unspoken Casualties: The Heartbreak of the PandemicDirected by: Cameron Lee Winner I’m A Covid Long Hauler AKA I’m Tired Of Being A Medical MisfitDirected by: Corey T Queen Finalist My Dad SpiroDirected by: Diamando May