Best Script

Exceptional Achievement JR “Knows” It AllWritten by: Kitina Y Thomas Winner Surviving the Rona pandemicWritten by: Jonathan Bowman, Daniel Noel

Best Science Fiction

Winner ReunionDirected by: Jun Kitamikado Finalist Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller StoryDirected by: Ash Hamilton

Best Quarantine Film

Exceptional Achievement Huggy Muggy DoDirected by: Josh Roger Winner MeetingDirected by: Martin Keady Finalist #MyCorona Directed by: Phil Gorn

Best Music Video

Exceptional Achievement For My HomiesDirected by: Ludmilla Muse Winner Breaking DownDirected by: Ed Mahalick Finalist LoveDirected by: Anaya Music Love – HateDirected by: Lynette Aleman

Best Low Budget Film

Exceptional Achievement Crystal The Creep: Chronicles Of A CreepDirected by: Sharon Strange The Predator’s TrapDirected by: Shelby F. Elwood, Robert Willie Winner The PianistDirected by: Kaia Hathaway Finalist Chance EncounterDirected by: Ryan Bryant The Flower PeopleDirected by: Charles A. Christman III