A Woman’s Voice

A Woman’s Voice explores the circumstances of four women who all face and overcome challenges encountered by many women at some point in their lives (domestic abuse, bullying and peer pressure, self-esteem, depression and loneliness). This short film is set against the backdrop of three of Sutter’s original songs and features debut acting performances of […]


On the eve of their 4th year anniversary, a young couple are preparing romantic meals for each other. But something feels stale and it’s not the food on their plates…

The Soulmate Bible

When a soulmate tattoo comes with a warning, a woman and her best friend set out to protect a current lover from a past lover, and his family.

The Alone in the Wild Project

Mark and Xander are two documentarians from the city who, after a failed film project, decide to take on a new approach and document themselves living off the grid, outdoors, deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. During the filming of their project, they discover a dark secret that may change the course of […]

Of Gods And Monsters

A desperate and unstable father tries to balance the wrongs done to his family in a hit and run by taking an extreme view on power and the nature of evil.

Amongst Us

This is the story of a brilliant and unique individual who s obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge to transcend his profound sense of inadequacy in the world he feels is an outcast and like a permanent visitor. Therefore, alienated and only connected through his magnificent and successful career as a scientist saving lives. He […]


A short film based on the moments and tragedies in the life of the film fraternity. What goes on the sets and behind the camera. The Real of Cinemawallahs.

Single Single: Episode 3: The “Haunted”

An anthology of dating through the lives of millennials living in Los Angeles. Episode 3 details the haunting nature of a man who is still in love with his ex and incapable of moving forward, stuck in his past.

Bizzarro e Fantastico

The new Italian-language film from Writer/Director/Producer Kris Krainock; A Roman Everyman discovers a violently ill intruder on his sofa after returning from the market. Begrudgingly, the Everyman must nurse this stranger back to health before he can unearth the ominous man’s true purpose for being there.