The Quirk Chronicles (2019)

This comedic narrative follows the provocative chronicles of an outlandish woman, who contends with unexpected circumstances with quirk and spice.


The sound is produced by the vibration of the object, and all the environment has its own unique sound, through the listening, collecting unique environmental sound, to strengthen the visual experience, visual art creators and sound art creators mutual agitation, the use of different Computer program applications, and sound together to create a unique space […]

Where Is America The Beautiful?

Part documentary and part cinematic art, this beautiful film searches for America through real story, music and spoken word.

The Water Wall

During the biggest illegal immigration ever registered by US Border Patrol in the Florida strait, Andy de la Torre, a 45-year-old Cuban tries for the 43rd time to reach the American dream in a rustic vessel. In the middle he will suffer deportation, incarceration, and will witness death. Will he make it?

A Trip

In a world where being your authentic self can come at a price, the same price as serving your country, PVT Seth Malone wants to serve his country and show up as himself fully. A chance ride with the cocky and close-minded SPC Ryan Keith, Seth realizes he is no longer willing to shrink down […]


A twenty-something inner-city teacher and constant womanizer moonlights as a sex-worker. Writer – John Lares

The Elvis Conspiracy

What if there was more to the legend of Elvis than we know? What if Col. Parker made the whole thing up? Intertwining facts and conspiracy theories, this “alternative history” thriller follows Col Tom Parker as he transforms from small time carnival barker to star maker when he creates the icon Elvis Presley; meanwhile a […]


A famous horror writer finally decides to start dating again after grieving for years over the loss of his wife, only to discover that all the creatures he’s been writing about are real and he just started dating one. Writer – Shari Hamrick Grewal


Based on a true story of a group of Japanese imperial army soldiers and their struggle to fight off the powerful allied forces on their pacific island base. They go underground to fight another day only to resurface and find the allied forces gone and replaced with an even more formidable adversary. Outnumbered a thousand […]

Swing Vote Blues

Senator MIRIAM MARKS and her high-powered attorney husband ANDREW are seemingly the perfect couple, but after many decades of marriage and a daughter, AMY, their routine has become perfunctory. In preparation for Miriam’s upcoming re-election bid, they travel from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans to attend an elite week-long retreat. Andrew views the trip as […]