Old School Musical

A day in the life of New Wave who is stuck in the 80’s while this modern world keeps moving forward.A new short musical by Michael Bliss.Starring Tim Nikkel

UNDIVIDED: Pandemic with A Purpose

“UNDIVIDED: Pandemic with A Purpose” (USA, 22 mins.) A give-back project that was initiated during the early days of the lockdown, UNDIVIDED weaves the inspirational story of those non-profits, physicians, brands and orgs that bravely stepped up to COVID-19’s biggest challenges. Their actions and innovations not only saved thousands upon thousands of lives but also […]


A short while ago, I invested in an Apple iPhone and set out to experiment with its remarkable camera. I found myself taking extreme close-ups (almost, if not quiet exactly, like Macrophotography) of flowers and plants and the odd bug down at a couple of local parks. But… I soon discovered that, at least for […]


A demon comes to take a woman’s soul as she sleeps.

El Canto de los Coquis

El Canto de los Coquis is an MFA short film that follows the journey of Elena, a young Puerto Rican American woman who is visiting her family in Puerto Rico for the first time. Her excitement for the land and culture are shaken when her dual identity creates a rift of not being American or […]

SPACE SHUTTLE: A Fairy Special Episode

Interplanetary taxi driver Sloan takes two seemingly innocent riders back to their medieval planet, getting herself tangled in a wild adventure while her friends try to save her but have troubles of their own.

Best Unproduced Script

Exceptional Achievement Ladders To Fire Written by: Bruce Edward Smith THE CHOICE Written by: Nathan E. Waire Winner Bad Seeds 1-hour Series Pilot Written by: Sean Nash Finalist Devil’s Delight Written by: Bruce Edward Smith