Best Experimental Film

Exceptional Achievement Getting Worse Directed by: Etsushi Watanabe Winner the foul of the air Directed by: Michelle St Anne, Imogen Cranna

Best Director

Winner Gypsy Moon Directed by: Tony O’Dell Gibson

Best Animated Film

Exceptional Achievement La Petite Mort Directed by: Patrick Finbarr Rogers Winner Portrait With Piranha Directed by: Michael Jay Tucker

I’m Your Woman

After a long night of wine & dine Lionel wakes up from a pleasant slumber to discover the woman besides him is not who he expected it to be.

Bearly Standing

After a calamitous hike through the mountains, Julie confronts her choices by exploring a recreation of the past.

The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth

A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him […]

The Goddess of Glen Canyon

Katie Lee is an icon of the Southwest. She represented the beauty of Glen Canyon before the dam was built. Her environmental spirit lives on.

The Book of Jobe

The Book of Jobe starts out as an affectionate spoof of the Chandleresque private eye genre and very quickly morphs into a surreal, existential mystery laced with romance and humour. It’s essentially a story about seeing through stereotypical roles, growing up, and taking control of our lives.


Over the course of one night, a military experiment in which only one survives is tested among eight individuals. Two of who are discreet time travelers sent back under orders to preserve an existing timeline. The other six are aware of these travelers and their mission. If these travelers fail to precisely recreate the chronological […]